Most successful people can define their success with a handful of decisions. Making the right ones is paramount for growth and upward mobility. We have built the entire LIMITLESS experience around supporting students in this endeavor.


Vision Casting

Having a dream and establishing a vision for what our lives will look like are two completely different things. Many students need a hard reset from what they have known and how to convert that over into a new and healthy path. The vision setting workshops, seminars, and personal coaching consist of powerful processes for thinking about your ideal future, and for the full understanding of what it is going to take to turn that ideal vision into reality.

Goal Setting and Action Plans

Why Set Goals? Top-level athletes, successful business-people, and achievers in all fields all set goals. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. We set the students up in a system called, My Personal Action Plan.  It focuses the students by setting sharp, clearly defined goals. It will also raise their self-confidence as they recognize their own ability and competence in achieving the goals that they've set.

Being In the Zone

With this framework, we understand that bad habits, procrastination, etc. can choke out the most well-laid plans. We now show students how to stay focused. This focused state of mind is often referred to as a The Zone.  The FOCUS of successful people is always on their purpose, mission or worthwhile goal. A ZONE stays when everything else fades and it even becomes a part of our physiological makeup. When in a ZONE you also quickly spot the distractions that can, so easily, lead astray.

Belief Blast

When we mix in a whole lot of belief, what you will experience is an explosion. A wise Jewish teacher once said faith can move mountains. We have certainly seen and felt the impact of people throughout the annals of history who not only had a vision but stuck with it because they believed in it and believed in themselves enough to accomplish it. Seeing something through always requires a certain amount of faith. We teach BELIEF as a foundational principle to getting the desires of the heart. Who taught you to believe?


"Limitless has shown me direction and how to go in that direction. It has also shown me that success, as well as failure, can make you a better person on my path to achieving my goals."

Clay Salesbey


We understand the need to inspire in order to get peak performances in some areas of life but when it comes to school and our everyday lives we take for granted that students will just show up ready to learn. Our workshops give tools and inspiration on another level. From strategy plans to layering of principles directly tied to the HOW to achieve them.


When your able to tell a story that hearer identifies with and finds himself a part of then he becomes the hero in the story. This allows the speaker to begin to help write a new narrative(THE WHY) for the audience. Donovan Dock has mastered the art of story telling to students. Prepare to witness student motivation at its finest.


Some require additional coaching. As the old saying goes, " The struggle is real." What about the silent sufferers who need a little more mentoring and guidance to get over the hump and not only answer some of the questions but ask some of the tough questions . Our 1 on 1's give those students the support they desperately need.

We Have No Limitations


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