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Learning to Really Love Others as Yourself

Learning to Love Others As Yourself

If you could change anything at your school, what would it be? Make others love you more? How about love others as yourself:

  • Make it a place where people could come and be themselves.

  • Stop the bullying.

  • People would stop judging other people because of how they look

These aren't my answers. These are your answers. These are your classmate's answers.

Why do we have such a hard time loving other people? Its because we don't like who we are. I have such low self-esteem, so I have to cut you down and talk about you so that you feel the same way about yourself. If you feel bad about yourself then that makes me feel better, you are now on my level.

BUT if you can look in the mirror and love what you see, then you can have the confidence to love others. If you are not trying to be someone else and you are not trying to have the things someone else has (in other words, if you love who you are and what you have) then you can love others as yourself.

Loving other people is saying positive things to them instead of cutting them down all the time. Remember the activity we did when four people held a block or chair out in front of them. They were able to hold that object far longer when you were encouraging them as opposed to when you were telling them they couldn't do it.

Have the determination to say, I want to see a change in my school and in my community and that change is going to start with me! There is no reason why you cant be the one who leads the change in your school of ending bullying! Keep the Random Acts of Kindness going, do random things for other people to make their day better!

Love others today. In fact, love ONE person today and make their day better. all suffer from poor concentration at some point during the day. Our energy levels are not constant throughout 24 hours, and the lack of enthusiasm does translate into poor quality of work and mindlessness too. So, what we should do to overpower these dull moments and increase productivity at work? Let’s find out.

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