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How To Have Maximum Impact On Your Community

When you think of your community what do you think of?

One of the most important parts of your community are the kids that live there. Your kids will be the ones that will form what the community will become in the near future.  They are the future business owners, nonprofit leaders, city officials, pastors, police officers.

Thanks to those in your community, Succeed Forever Community Transformation is motivating and mentoring your kids through our Limitless student seminar. They are learning how to love themselves, how to love their families and how to love your community they are setting goals and visions for their lives and the life of the community.

Generous donors have made it possible to have the very best quality program for students at Ferris Junior High School. We are so grateful for the support and investment in the lives of our future leaders.

Your kids deserve the very best. Your community deserves the very best.

With the launch of our new nonprofit, your support is vital. As our program expands in January to include other cities in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and Racine, Wisconsin we need you to ensure every student is valued and gains the confidence to improve their academics, their self-confidence and their dream for their future.

Your gift of any amount can make all the difference to junior high students and high school students, to young people who need you in order to get the future that they should.  Your gift will bring hope and life into your community, where there is none.

Thank you for all of your support in The Community Transformation Project as you empower us to touch more and more lives with the love of God and the hope that He brings.

Your donation will make a huge difference.

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