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6 Empowering Personal Development Self Beliefs That Have The Power To Change Your Life

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe” – Oprah Winfrey

Whether we’re aware of it or not – beliefs are our moral compass in life. Our beliefs determine how we go about our lives, how we treat other people but most importantly how we treat ourselves.

The thing about beliefs though is they require some digging. It’s hard to sit there and figure out why you do something. I found a question in Tony Robbins Time of Your Life: 3 Ways to Take Control of Your Life that has sat with me ever since. It’s great to help you in figuring out the beliefs you have.

His question was “what would I have to believe to feel this way”.

It stops and makes us think about what beliefs we would have. When someone does or says something that upsets you, it’s worth taking the time out to ask yourself this. Is it what the person said or is it because you have a belief that validates it?

Our beliefs come from everything – our family, our friends, society, things we see, things we don’t see.

Delving into beliefs can take time. But it’s replacing the beliefs that can be hard too.

Which is why I’m writing this today. I found these beliefs in Jim Rohn’s program The Day That Turned Your Life Around (yes I have a slight obsession with self-development programs!) to help you replace your beliefs.

I have to admit – I’ve been lazy. I’ve heard of the name Jim Rohn (I’m sure you’ve heard of him). Finally, after hearing about him many times in Todd Hermans 90 Day Year program (his course is a productive game changer by the way) I

decided it was time to start listening.

If you don’t know who Todd Herman is – in short, he’s a personal development guru. Put it this way – Tony Robbins went to his seminars.

I got on to his audio program (it’s free on Amazons Audible Membership). Now I regret not listening to it sooner. If you can get past the cheesy 80’s/90’s marketing it’s honestly the best personal development program I’ve heard so far.

His self-beliefs are infectious. His speaking is engaging and he’s honest. It’s stuff that can be applied easily and makes sense.

I think my favorite part is he doesn’t try to pump you up. He talks to your normally but leaves a profound impact.

If you’re having trouble replacing our negative beliefs and self-talk, these are awesome self-beliefs & affirmations from his personal development program. They’re great to read and are living to change once you’ve heard them.

4 Things To Do When You’re Ready To Give Up

“Profits are better than wages”

Jim talks about this one heaps! He speaks about how he began a part-time job on the side to focus on his “profits” while his daily job was about his “wages”. And slowly he built his part-time job into a full-time job.

Basically, it’s the 80’s & 90’s version of a “side hustle”.

He encourages people to focus on profits and not wages.

“Wages make you a living which is fine. Profits make you a fortune which is super fine”

With all the opportunity we have, he encourages us to find something on the side that generates money, until it can replace our wage.

Claps to this guy for talking about this, 30 years before the term side hustle was even muttered.

It’s a handy belief that changed his life and is a great belief to hold on to, to remind us how we can live our financial lives.

Self Development Self Beliefs Jim Rohn

“For things to change, you have to change”

A lot of business content focuses on productivity and how to make a profit etc. I once heard a speaker say that if you focused on yourself and

on how you can change for the better – the profits would come. Jim said the exact same thing!

And since I’ve stuck to that philosophy since and seen a huge change.

We spend a lot of time focused on making money and seeing growth financially. But we don’t give enough credit to what focusing on personal development can do. This is all in Jim's speech below.

A great personal development speech by Jim Rohn on change

Which leads to his next few beliefs…

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better”

Jim talks about how we all wish things were different – things were cheaper, taxes were lower, the Government was different. But he stresses that instead of putting energy into wishing things are different, we should focus on how we can be better.

It ties in with his “profit is better than wages” belief. If we focused instead on bettering ourselves – creating better habits, mastering our self-talk and focusing on how we can change ourselves rather than our situation, then we’d be a lot better off.

This is the kind of slap-in-your-face belief we all need to have. It’s good for when we feel like playing the victim – when things aren’t going our way. How can we adjust and better ourselves to better the situation?

“Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills”

Ouch. And yes. all at the same time.

Problems are everywhere. When I’m having a shit day and wonder why “these things are always happening to me” I have to remind myself they’re not. Life without problems isn’t life. It’s unrealistic. Nonexistent.

Instead of focusing on the problems (which will always be there), Jim focuses on building his skills.

Skills equip us to deal and at the same time become more valuable.

This is an exceptional belief for the bad, I’m-the-vicitim days. What problems are we having? And what skills can we build to grow out of them? Or how would our problems be different if we focused instead on gaining skills?

“Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom”

Again back to the same theme – don’t focus on the problem focus on how you can fix it. No need to explain it here. I think we get his point!

“You can do the most remarkable things, no matter what happens, humans can do the most remarkable things no matter what happens”

Jim rounds of Tape 7 (Day 2) with this. Reading it doesn’t have the same effect as listening to him say it. But it’s a reminder and (Jim does through his whole tap) of what we are capable of.

Sometimes we need to hear this. The chances of us being here are slim (another point mentioned by Jim). Jim focuses on this a lot in The Day that Turned Your Life Around. We emphasize we have a great opportunity just by being who we are. Sentimental but a vital belief to have.

What beliefs do you have that you have found empowering and life-changing? Or do you have a great personal development program you swear by? I’d love to know :)

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